New Loans:

As a California Lender we are very competitive with our terms of financing for second chance financing. For Financing and Refinancing needs, please contact us at 800-867-1288 extension 108.


For payment arrangements, redemptions and extensions, please contact collections at 800-867-1288 extension 112.


We require comprehensive and collision insurance with maximum deductible of $500.00, also Foreman Financial has to be listed as the Lienholder/Loss payee. Please fax insurance related documents to 818-762-0863 or contact insurance at 800-867-1288 extension 109.


  • Suzette O. (Sacramento, CA) · 3/9/2015
    "Hope my rating takes this company out of 2 1/2 stars! I can only speak for myself and can't base my opinion on other people's experience. It's been GREAT to work with the people at Foreman, especially Josie. I recently went through a tough time. Without me asking, unheard of for a finance company, Josie extends a helping hand (rather not go into details) but my point is she understood my situation, reviewed it with her manager, and provided what I call "Exceptional" customer service.
          I'm in sales and may be critical on the standards that is provided to me as a consumer and Josie/Foreman passed my test with flying colors. They will work with you if your just open and honest about your current situation. THANK YOU for your help and understanding!"

  • Lucia K. (Studio City, CA) · 12/8/2014
    "I had a great experience with Foreman Financial. They offer same day loan processing, excellent customer service and a friendly atmosphere! Best of all, their rates are affordable and they're honest!"

  • Melissa Z. (Downey, CA) · 11/25/2014
    "Josie and Jose (Manager) are A M A Z I N G! They are so wonderful and helpful. They have gone above and beyond to assist me, and I could not be happier! Thank you Josie and Jose for working with me! I am forever grateful."

  • Rara R. (Los Angeles, CA) · 11/21/2014
    "I have been a customer of Foreman Financial for the past three years.,,,I was almost done with my payments, 5 more to be exact, and the car broke down! Cost me over $1000.00 to repair...I called and spoke with JOANNA RAMOS and she made my frown turn upside down to a smile with her excellent customer service. She is allowing me to defer my payment this month due to a financial hardship.....I was completely surprised that she was so easy to work with, and told me do not worry, we will help your situation. THANK YOU FOREMAN FINANCIAL for hiring such a pleasant and professional employee such as Joanna Ramos. She made my holidays a little bit better! SATIFIED CUSTOMER! ROBIN IGNICO"

  • Aaron U. (National City, CA) · 11/3/2014
    "Foreman financial got the best customer service. They really help me out when Im late with my payment. Havent really had a problem or issue with them. I recommend this for first time car buyers."

  • Tania G. (Rowland Heights, CA) · 10/27/2014
    "I have super bad credit and I went to a small dealership to buy my first car and got approved for financing with foreman. They are very flexible with you. I just recently had to stop working for a few weeks and did not have enough to complete my payment. I called Josie who has been more than helpful every month with getting my payment in, and she was able to get me a few more days to get my payment in. My mother also has her truck financed by them and have been very understandable when she was in the hospital and couldn't make her payment."

  • Nicole M. (Rancho Cordova, CA) · 10/26/2014
    "I have an audi with these guys they are the best especially,George is the best to work with I don't have any problems."

  • Beverly B. (California City, CA) · 10/26/2014
    "I have been dealing with Foreman for the past 2 1/2 yrs. Being honest it was not the most customer friendly establishment that I have dealt with. I have experienced very rude and unprofessional behavior from the customer service reps. Fortunately for me I have recently been dealing with KRISTEN. She is extremely professional and courteous. She is also very knowledgeable of her job and very helpful with that knowledge. KRISTEN is the one redeeming quality at Foreman. I have her extension and will be dealing with her exclusively from now on. The five stars are for KRISTEN! In my opinion Foreman should give KRISTEN a hughe raise and make her the customer service rep trainer. The other reps could most certainly learn a thing or five from her and the customers would most definitely benefit. Kudos KRISTEN! Keep up the great work!!"

  • CHRISTINA M. · 10/14/2014
    Foreman Financial has been a client of ours for over two years. Their staff is personable, they are fair to their customers, and follow the regulations and laws that are implemented into the lending industry. Yes those regulations and laws can be frustrating for some of their customers. However, those regulations and laws are implemented by the government and other organizations, these are not obstacles that Foreman Financial creates. Every lending institution has regulations and laws that are set in place to protect not only the consumer/client, but these regulations are also implemented as a guideline to follow in the industry. Foreman Financial does everything possible to put their customer’s back into their vehicles after repossession has occurred. On multiple occasions Foreman Financial has requested that our office bill them directly for all or part of our fees acquired from our services being provided, this allows for their customer to get back into their vehicle as soon as possible. Many lenders do not provide this type of customer service to their customers, especially in a high risk lending situation. If you are consumer shopping around for a high risk loan I would highly recommend Foreman Financial. Foreman Financial is fair, professional and honest about their lending. What needs to be understood by consumers that borrow from any lending institution, especially if their credit score is low, there are stricter guidelines that are followed. For example if you are 60 days late on your loan with Foreman Financial your vehicle will be put out for repossession versus Toyota Financial that allows a longer grace period and allows for a consumer to be 90 days late before their vehicle is put out for repossession. Please know as a consumer that Foreman Financial is busy, which is a positive, the down side is yes at times you will have to hold for your telephone call to be answered…this occurs in any industry now days, at least you will reach a live human versus a record line."

  • Yajahira S. (San Diego, CA) · 10/16/2014
    "Foreman Financial makes life easier especially with making payments. They now have a pay near me payment option where one goes to the nearest 7 eleven to make car payments which is super convenient.Not to mention the staff is super friendly and helpful one staff member in particular by the name of Christian, she is amazing she goes out of her way to help, and provides excellent customer service. Overall good financing company."

  • Daniel Z. (North Hollywood, CA) · 10/15/2014
    "I bought a car and foreman gave me money to do so at a great rate and quickly. I got a follow up call too so they made sure I was happy. Thank you foreman."

  • Em H. (Los Angeles, CA) · 10/14/2014
    "Due to having shabby credit I researched all the local high risk lenders in the greater Los Angeles area. Although Foreman Financial had some poor reviews I decided to borrow directly from them based off a recommendation from a friend that was brutally honest with me.

    One Foreman Financial is extremely busy, when I call I may be on hold for a few minutes, but at least I am able to speak directly with a live person. Two straight out the gate my interest rate was high, no matter who my lender was going to be due to my poor credit my interest rate was going to be high, Foreman was very forthcoming with this information.

    I had an unexpected financial hardship that caused me to become delinquent with my loan, Foreman's staff was professional yet direct about the standing of my defaulted loan. Jorge, Josie, Alejandra, Javier and Joanna all assisted me during my default and after my vehicle was repossessed. Yes, if a person does not pay their vehicle loan then their vehicle will be repossessed, this is no one else's fault but mine. The redemption process was scary at first because of the amount of money I was told I would be required to cover the loan amount that was dues, reinstatement fees, repossession fees and storage. Once I spoke with Jose directly and explained my situation and that I could not afford all the fees up front, Jose helped in getting me back into my vehicle. Jose explained that the remaining fees I was not able to cover could be added to my loan.

    The company I redeemed my repossessed vehicle from was a bit out of the way, but they were very friendly and professional. The company not only gave me a discount, but they explained everything that I would be required to do in order to get my vehicle back.

    With any loan a consumer must be willing to be responsible for financial obligation."

  • Christy D. (Inglewood, CA) · 10/13/2014
    "The staff at Foreman Financial have always been very nice. Over the last few years I have never had a problem with them even when I ran into some financial problems. There have been a few agents I have had review my account, and they all have been wonderful. The one who handles my account now is George Mejia. He has been so nice and kind. He never once made me feel bad about my financial problems. He has gone above and beyond to help me, and set me up with arrangements that I can handle. Thank you Foreman Financial! You have stuck by me."

  • Fabian M. (Glendale, CA) · 10/10/2014
    "I ended paying a nice Harley Davidson loan financed Through Foreman Financial, just like everyone else i got behind a few times and the collectors there helped at all times, i tried to stay in touch with collections department at all times so may baby wouldn't get repossessed, they are very understandable when i was late, they did treat me fair when my credit was awful,I wouldn't hesitate in making business with them again. Thank you to Monica,i think she is the Vice president, she always had time to listen and come up with a solution she treats every customer with respect even myself that i was a small potato. Thank you guys!."

  • Rosie C. (La Puente, CA) · 10/10/2014
    "I will have to say that by far my absolute best experience is with Joanna Ramos. I deal with buy backs and try to assist as much as possible with customers and their concerns. I'm sure Foreman Financial Inc strives for excellent customer experience as we do at our dealership. I know she is an asset to the company because I felt a bit displaced when she had to take a leave of absence. To my relief, she joined us back not too long ago and since then know who I can go to in order to get any issues resolved promptly."

  • Salinas C. (Salinas, CA) · 10/10/2014
    "Great TEAM!! GREAT Service!! A great company to work with, as a dealer I expect our sub prime deals to fund in 2-4 business days and the funding Team at Foreman has closed many of our deals in 24hrs. All it takes is working together!! Thank you Foreman for always returning our calls and communicating any problems right away. As for those that have written bad reviews if you took care of you payments on time you would have no issues."

  • Pita M. (Sun Valley, CA ) · 10/9/2014
    "I have mainly only dealt with a lovely lady named Josie and her Supervisor Jose. They were both great with customer service and touching bases with me on following up with a couple of things I needed. I was surprised that Jose took time out of his day to answer all of the questions I had. He was very thorough and understanding. I can honestly say that great customer service on his behalf is an understatement, he is one of the greatest assets they have on their team. I hope this review helps anyone in any kind of way."

  • Erick R. (Riverside, CA) · 10/7/2014
    "joanna helped me out a lot to make my first payment helping me tru every step of the way."

  • Patricia M. (Burbank, CA) · 7/7/2014
    "Thanks to FOREMAN FINANCIAL I was able to get a car on a no credit what so ever!!!
    I have come in personally to their office (montly for over two years) and made my payment in cash each month.
    The cashier who is there each time has been very friendly with me. The times i have asked for a statement they have provided me with one.
    I am pleased with doing business with Foreman Financial "

  • Luciano L. (Fontana, CA) · 12/3/2012
    "I am satisfied with the service I have received from them. Especially Alex, he is very understanding and works with you. I have never had a problem."

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